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Company History, Founders

Prestwick Chemical has been created in 1999 from the joint effort of Prof. Camille G. Wermuth, PhD, PharmD., co-founder, formerly President and Chief Scientific Officer and Dr Kathleen Clarence Smith, PhD, MD, and co-founder.

Prof. Camille-Georges Wermuth
Prof. Camille-Georges Wermuth Pharm.D, PhD.
  • Professor of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Strasbourg
  • Founded Prestwick Chemical Inc. in 1999 in which he acted as President and CSO
  • Main research themes focus on the chemistry and the pharmacology of pyridazine derivatives, among them one can cite: antidepressant and anticonvulsant molecules
  • Marketed drugs: Cantor® (antidepressant) , Junctum®, Cogitum® (analeptic)
  • 300 scientific papers and about 60 patents
  • Co-author or editor of several books
  • President of the Medicinal Chemistry Section of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)

Dr. Kathleen Clarence-Smith
Dr. Kathleen Clarence-Smith MD, PhD.
  • Internationally-recognized neurologist
  • Developed new pharmaceuticals and shepherded them from early stages onto the market
  • Senior positions in large pharmaceutical companies (Sanofi; Roche; Otsuka)
  • Later founded, raised money and headed start-up pharmaceutical companies
  • Founded Prestwick Holding and Chemical Inc. in 1999 in which she acted as CEO
  • Board certified neurologist for several companies
  • > 100 peer-reviewed papers
  • Founder and a president of the American Society of Experimental NeuroTherapeutics (ASENT) and member of several scientific societies


Emile Andriambeloson


Dr. Emile Andriambeloson is CEO of Prestwick Chemical since February 2019. He has over 15 years of experience in corporate management, drug development and scientific research, with extensive expertise and knowledge in the field of central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS) disorders.
Dr. Andriambeloson also holds the position of President of Neurofit SAS. Prior to which he had been Head of Research and General Manager of Neurofit for 18 years. He is the key interface with Neurofit’s international customer base.
Dr. Andriambeloson has a Ph.D. from the University of Strasbourg, France, and is renowned for his expertise in pharmacology. He is the author of 27 articles published in highly regarded peer reviewed scientific journals. Dr Andriambeloson gained experience through previous positions within Novartis Pharma (Basel, Switzerland), Heart Research Institute (Sydney, Australia) and the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia).

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Pharm MS, PhD, CSO

Thierry Langer joined Prestwick Chemical in April 2008. His previous employment had been Professor at Leopold-Franzens-University of Innsbruck, Austria, where he began his career after completing a post doctoral fellowship at Strasbourg University (France) with Prof. C. G. Wermuth in 1992. Prof. Langer holds an M.S. degree in Pharmacy (1988) and a Ph.D. (Medicinal Chemistry, 1991) from the University of Vienna, Austria. In 2003, together with Prof. Stuppner and Dr. Wolber (University of Innsbruck, Austria) he founded the spin-off company Inte:Ligand GmbH, in which he also was CEO prior to joining Prestwick Chemical. His research interests have been focused on computer-assisted medicinal chemistry, including pharmacophore-based methods as well as 3D-QSAR molecular modeling techniques. Since 1993 he established at Innsbruck University the Computer Aided Molecular Design Group, was appointed Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry in 1997, and served as Head of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department in 1998 and 1999. Prof. Langer is a well known scientist in the field of computer aided molecular design: His scientific work has culminated in more than 150 original articles and invited reviews in peer reviewed journals, several book chapters, one edited book, and more than 200 presentations at scientific meeting.

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Who are we?

Christophe Morice

Head Of Medicinal Chemistry


Christophe Morice, is Head of the Medicinal Chemistry Department at Prestwick Chemical since 2010. He obtained his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Rennes in 1998. He joined in 1999 the group of Pr Wermuth at the faculty of Pharmacy of Strasbourg for a Post-Doctoral fellowship in Medicinal Chemistry for Eli Lilly & Co laboratories (Indianapolis, IN). During this 2 years period, he developed SAR on selective 5HT agonists. Prior to joining Prestwick Chemical in 2003 he worked for one year (2002) at the R&D department of Cilag AG (Johnson&Johnson Group, Shaffhausen, CH) for which he set up optimization processes for the synthesis of a NCE. He has developed at Prestwick Chemical, as Research Chemist then Team Leader (2007), lead optimization programs in various therapeutic areas that led to the deposit of 9 patents. One of this optimized lead has been recently successfully licensed to the pharmaceutical industry.

Marie-Louise Jung

VP Sales & Business Development

PharmD, PhD

Marie-Louise Jung is currently Vice-President Sales & Business Development of Prestwick Chemical in Strasbourg. She started the company in 1999 with Prof. Camille Wermuth and put in place the fundaments of the company first as general manager. Prior to joining Prestwick, she was a sales manager at Antibody Solutions Inc., a biotechnology company headquartered in the U.S. specializing in customized monoclonal antibodies. Formerly she worked for > 10 years for a Swiss pharma company specialized in phytochemicals, and earlier in various research laboratories at the Strasbourg University, mostly in anti-cancer drug discovery. Marie-Louise Jung is a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Strasbourg University, and her Ph.D. is in Biochemistry.

Jean-Marc Simon

Head Of Library Department

M.S. in Biochemistry, D.E.S.S. diploma

Jean-Marc Simon is Quality Control Manager of Prestwick. He obtained his M.S. in Biochemistry, complemented by one year specialized studies in chemical and biologic analysis ("D.E.S.S. diploma"), Strasbourg University. He joined Prestwick Chemical in April 2001 as Quality Assurance Manager for both the Medicinal Chemistry and Library departments. His role includes the supervision of the Prestwick Chemical Libraries department. Prior to joining Prestwick, Mr. Simon has worked in the European Center of Diabetology Studies in Strasbourg, where he collaborated on the development of a screening test system for early diabetes, type I.


Prestwick Chemical

Creative Medicinal Chemistry

The company consists of 30 people and is located in its own purpose built facility in the Parc d'Innovation d’Illkirch near Strasbourg, at the crossroads between France, Germany, and Switzerland. We provide comprehensive R&D services in early drug discovery, including hit identification and validation, hit to lead, and lead optimization, using our long term expertise supported by state of the art computational technology.

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Customer-Oriented Service

  • Compliance with confidentiality agreements confirmed by external audits.
  • Full transparency towards customers.
  • Exclusive assignment of Industrial Property to customers.
  • Conformity of all delivered compounds validated by our quality control department.

Our values

  • Quality
  • Confidence
  • Interactivity
  • Flexibility

Our Customers


Prestwick Chemical is always interested to meet talented organic and medicinal chemists, as well as business development managers with an entrepreneurial spirit to contribute to our continued success. We offer an informal but professional working environment with modern facilities and equipment.

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