Prestwick CNS Drug Library

A Unique Library of 320 CNS drugs

The complexity of CNS diseases, the challenge of central drug delivery in combination with the high attrition rate of candidate therapeutics during development make CNS drug approval more difficult compared to other therapeutic areas. To help you identify high-quality hits, 320 structurally diverse approved drugs were carefully selected by a pharmacist-chemist team for their known pharmacological effects on the Central Nervous System.


    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Certified pharmacological effect on central nervous system
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL High degree of diversity in terms of therapeutic and biological targets
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL High-quality hit guaranteed, suitable for chemical optimization - Mean MW: 290
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL A constant quality control ensures high purity and stable compounds


    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL In DMSO at 10 mM (from 100 µL up to 1 mL) ready for screening in 96 or 384 well plates. Customized library (volumes, plating) achieved under request
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL As dry powder in vials starting from 10 mg, with cherry-picking possibility
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Always provided with a highly annotated database as structural data file (SDF), IsisBase (DB) as well as an XLS file. Annotation includes target, therapeutic class/effect, side effects, patent and AMDET information
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Re-supply of any hit-compound up to 100 mg


This chemical screening library is sold with
"no strings attached"