A team of medicinal chemists and pharmacists selected a collection of 1520 off-patent drugs with high chemical and pharmacological diversity, as well as known bioavailability and safety in humans.


    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL A unique collection of 1520 off-patent small molecules, 99% approved drugs (FDA, EMA and other agencies)
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL High chemical and pharmacological diversity (WHO ATC Classification 5)
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL More than 400 targets addressed
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Specially designed to increase potential high-quality hits - Mean MW: 383
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Over the past 20 years, hit-likeness and hit-workability have been reported by users in
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL A constant in-house quality control ensures high purity and stable compounds Including a database with newly identified targets and New Application data

    WHO ATC Classification 5

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    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL In powder form, 10-100mg with cherry-picking options
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL In DMSO at 10mM, ready for screening (100µL - 1mL)
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL In 96 or 384 Well format or plates of your choice
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Optional 2D barcodes
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Customization volume/mapping
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Stability 5 years at -20°C
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Database annotation includes target, therapeutic class/effect, side effects, patent and ADMET information
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Re-supply of any hit-compound up to 100 mg


    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Assay validation
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Repurposing/ repositioning
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Start of new optimization process
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Finding of stem cell growth modulators

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Prestwick Chemical Library®:

    The Prestwick Chemical Library® (PCL) is Prestwick flagship product dedicated to screening. It is a collection of 1280 molecules comprising mostly approved drugs (FDA, EMEA and other agencies) selected for their high chemical and pharmacological diversity. These off-patent drugs have known bioavailability and safety data in humans are available. The PCL was designed to reduce the risk of "low quality" hits and therefor the cost of the initial screening, and appears to be an efficient smart library for hit discovery.

Prestwick Chemical Library®:

    The ensuing project was designed to optimize the benefits of the PCL through pharmacophore modelling. The pharmacophore characterization of the library was obtained by applying a multi-step approach, first starting with a clustering analysis based RDF pharmacophore similarity. The 1280 compounds of the PCL were found to be clustered in 385 groups: 217 clusters and 168 singletons were obtained. The aim of this work was to generate a model for each cluster and subsequently use these models for extending the PCL and have a pharmacophoric representation of the library. After evaluation on the Zinc 2 database, a random selection of pharmacophore models underwent an external validation process by using DrugBank3 and ChEMBL4 databases.

Prestwick Chemical Library®:

    A set-up for parallel sleep-wake recording and sleep drug screening larval zebrafish has been performed with the Prestwick Chemical Library

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