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PRESTWICK CHEMICAL team would be happy to meet you during scientific events to discuss your research needs. We could talk about your past, present or futur projects for an optimized and personalized studies.

Colloque régional Maladies Rares

February 28, 2020 / Strasbourg, France
Contact: Marie-Louise Jung

    L'avancée de la recherche dans les maladies rares



NEW: F2L Library

Innovative molecules dedicated to screening

    In drug discovery, it is important to win time and work with high-value products. Our latest product, the F2L Library, is a step in this direction. Prestwick chemical designed and prepared compounds arising from the combination of fragments of approved drugs. With this library, we offer valuable molecules covering the lead-like space and allowing final compounds to remain in the drug-like space after short medchem programs.

    Please, feel free to contact us if you need more information.



A successful meeting!


GPCR Drug Library

NEW: 265 approved drugs active on GPCRs !

    Prestwick GPCR Drug Library is a collection of 265 approved drugs known to interact primarily with a GPCR. The use of this GPCR library may allow characterization of orphan GPCRs (deorphanization), facilitate pharmacology research and drug innovation.


Congratulations to Prexton Therapeutics BV

for the agreement with Lundbeck.

    We, at Prestwick Chemical PC SAS, are very proud of having participated in the development of foliglurax, a compound for Parkinson's disease and dyskinesia treatment.


SLAS 2018


    We have enjoyed participating in SLAS 2018 conference for 4 days (6660 participants). Great talks, interesting meetings with existing and new customers, new product displays and new opportunities made the perfect blend for a successful meeting in Sunny San Diego!
    Missed us at SLAS 2018? Check out our next events or contact Liliane Soares

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