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Post HTS services

Hit confirmation and analoging

Using experimental customer data, our medicinal chemists perform in depth analysis of screening hits and select hit series of interest to confirm first activity. This service has been designed as a product (SaaP) and includes the following tasks:

PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Analysis of customer's screening hits
PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Selection of hit series of interest for the project
PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Re-supply of selected hits (from PCL or any other library) for validation
PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Search and selection of structural analogues
PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Purchase, QC and shipment to the customer for primary assay

Hit confirmation
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Service options
Selected hits Series 1 2-3 4-5
Delivered analogues 10-15 20-30 50
Duration (months) 1 2-3 2-4

Hit / series validation

Our experienced medicinal chemists validate a hit/series based on primary activity and supplementary data (eg. secondary/selectivity assays, early ADME parameters) by designing and synthesizing close and new analogues. This service is based on a FTE model collaboration and includes the following tasks:

    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL SAR-driven design with IP consideration and chemical tractability
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Iterative cycles including design and synthesis of analogues
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Dedicated team of one senior PhD with/without one experienced associate
    PRESTWICK CHEMICAL Early ADME-tox characterization for selection (optional)

Our service allows, with a limited budget, to quickly confirm biological activity for 1 or 2 chemical series giving the possibility to our customer to move forward to the next phases (hit to lead and lead optimization).

Hit / series validation
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Service options
Selected hits Series 1 1 2
Delivered analogues 15 30 40
FTE number 1 2 2
Duration (months) 3 3 4


  • Concerted dialog through regular reports and meetings to ensure optimal responsiveness
  • Versatility and flexible adaptation to project timelines and objectives
  • Personalized contract including FTE-based or objective driven programs to meet customer's needs
  • Compliance with confidentiality agreements confirmed by external audits
  • Full transparency towards customers
  • Exclusive assignment of Industrial Property to customers
  • Conformity of all delivered compounds validated by our quality control department
  • Compliance with health and safety rules confirmed by external audits
  • Respect for environmental and social standards


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